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Hole In One on your course

When a golfer hits a hole-in-one, it’s one of the biggest days of their life. It’s a big day for your course, too. Celebrating with drinks all around. Putting a new face up in your hall of fame. We haven’t hit our own ace shot yet, but we've played more rounds of golf than we can count. Which got us thinking about two things: What if every golfer could capture just a little bit of that excitement every time they played a round? And why is every cart stocked with same crackers and chips?

And that’s how Hole In One snacks was born.

We set out to make a different kind of snack for your cart – the kind of bars, chips, and trail mix we would pay a little more for. Big, bold flavors. Indulgent ingredients. A shot of caffeine for a quick boost of energy.

No, we can’t promise your golfers will hit an ace shot every time they grab a Hole In One off the cart. But we’re sure you’ll like how quickly they will sell through, and the extra revenue you’ll make.

Made for Golfers by Golfers

We’re serious golfers. We play a lot and buy a lot off the cart. Frankly, we got tired of seeing the same tired snacks on every course we play. That’s why Hole In One snacks really stand out. Bright, colorful packaging with a golfer teeing up for what could be an ace. Bigger portions for a more satisfying snack. Unique flavor combinations that make it hard to stop at just one. The kind of snacks our foursome buddies would grab first from the cart, enjoy at the 19th hole, or maybe even put a few extra in their bag for the ride home.

Unique Flavors

We’re ready to smoke the competition with our flavors. Sweet, juicy peaches with a touch of Texas fire. Wild blackberries with habanero for extra bite. Deep, dark chocolate laced with smooth whiskey. Savory bourbon and sweet honey barbeque. We bring the unique, unexpected combinations we enjoy in great restaurants to your golf cart.

Premium Products

These aren’t your typical snacks. We hand-picked top drawer ingredients like nutrient-rich pecans and almonds, wholesome grains and granola, thick-cut bacon, and high-cocoa content chocolate. It’s a premium difference that comes through in every bite, with every Hole In One snack.

Premium ROI

By this time, you’re probably thinking what’s in it for you. That’s easy. It’s ROI. Hole In One snacks are priced to generate more revenue per item than most of the other items on your cart. Golfers are happy to pay a little more for a great tasting, premium quality snack, which pays off in higher tips for your cart staff, and more revenue for your club. A winning scorecard!

We're here to help

Give us a call. We have plenty of great ideas on how you can promote Hole In One snacks at your club. From custom cart displays, volume discounts, and cart staff training, we can help you introduce Hole In One and increase sell-through. Who knows, we might even sponsor your club’s Hole In One contest.

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